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Internal Communication – Going Beyond Email and Shared Drives

A key piece of your value strategy regarding the disease burden has been published. It was time to inform the market access team and other internal stakeholders both globally and locally. The HEOR lead emailed the product team the new publication and stored it on the local share drive. Everything was now available – the publication, a key summary, and how it can be used to support market access efforts. Immediately kudos are received from across the organization.

Fast forward and now it’s launch. Everyone is asking for the disease burden work. No one can find the publication, the initial email or where it’s located on the share drive; and the lead researcher has moved on.

Does this sound familiar? Critical information lost in the abyss of emails and share drives. This is an actual event and it took days to find pieces of the information. read more…..

Today this client has a new, secure information distribution portal, Gateway, where final information is housed in one hub and can be accessed by key stakeholders. No more emailing or digging around in shared drives.


Do you know Knowledge Workers spend on average 8hrs/week searching for information and 6hrs/week duplicating work? Productivity loss adds up to greater than 1.5 days/week and costs an employer around $30,000 per employee per year. Gateway can reduce the frustration and cost associated with information sharing.

With Gateway as your communication hub, relaying pertinent product evidence and information with your internal stakeholders is easy. As your evidence comes alive you can easily announce its arrival and provide immediate access for those who can benefit from having the most up-to-date publication, dossier, model and report.

Gateway Vision

  • Establish an ecosystem where cross-functional teams have insight into Health Economic / Outcomes Research / Value and Access activities
  • Alert and provide accurate, timely and relevant evidence for specific needs across functional teams, stakeholders, country markets
  • Assemble created evidence and information in one location used to promote the value of your products
  • Create an engaging hub for internal customers in an intuitive and user-friendly manner with the look-and-feel customized to your brand(s)
  • Provide a secure setting for file storage and accessibility in compliance with company standards

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