Sameera Tak & Catherine Chamoux

How can Field Market Access teams be partners in Excellence to its medical and commercial functions?

Sameera Tak & Catherine Chamoux

Medical & Commercial functions fly their flags high about ‘Excellence’ which is centered around purposeful launch analytics, bespoke tools, comprehensive & harmonized reporting on HCP engagements across regions, real-time competitive insights and enterprise level state of the art data analytics, why is that Field Market Access is left behind? Most commonly heard response is; What do field market access teams exactly do?, Isn’t field market access absolutely local?  

A few years ago, it was common to hear that reimbursement systems and field market access are so disparate across countries that there was little opportunity for harmonization and Global functions were primarily focused on the US market. 

Today, most companies are taking into account these disparities in their global strategies to ensure broader success of access for their innovative drugs and local teams are keen to share their experiences across geographies.  

Some What ifs to consider as foundations to excellence. 

  • What if you could optimize your product’s access and price levels across every region, hospital level? 
  • What if you had tools to fit your teams’ needs, helping to plan engagements and the outcomes better? 
  • What if you and your cross functional partners on the field spoke with ONE VOICE? 
  • What if your global/regional colleagues in Value and Access and other functions had access to the real-time external stakeholder insights from you? 
  • What if you could improve your in – country & cross-country collaboration and continuously learn from each other? 

Doesn’t all of the above sound like a scenario which speaks for functional excellence? 

So, how do you bring Field Market Access function to incorporate excellence, Here is a 6 step guide, recommended to follow sequentially. 

1. Perform competitive benchmarking

Get out there and do benchmarking externally to understand what your peer companies are doing, it will help to re-analyze your strategy. 

2. Construct of Vision & Mission

Look into the corporate strategy, analyze regional strategy and lastly map it to  affiliate strategy and craft vision and mission statements with inputs bottom up.  

3. Analysis & remodeling of the operating model internally including build up of future capabilities and skills

Assess changes in the external environment, analyze current operating model & reshape it, construct, deploy and train the field teams with new set of skills and capabilities to stay competitive. 

4. Build processes and tools

Design bespoke tools on Stakeholder mapping, refresh CRM engagement models, develop KPI’s and processes to optimize performance. 

5. Stakeholder alignment & cross functional integration

Bring your cross functional colleagues by co creating strategies and aligning on external stakeholder plans and execution on engagements. 

6. Share and overshare best practices

Reward early adopters of Excellence mind-set, enable these countries to share-best practices to demonstrate success and encourage late adopters. 

As someone very famous said, Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better, Field Market Access Excellence is exactly about helping you and your teams to be better each day.   

Do you want to know more about how to operationalize the above 6 steps , which will lay the foundations for Field Market Access Excellence, talk to AESARA experts Catherine Chamoux and Sameera Tak, who have walked in your shoes, leading Regional Field Market Access Excellence functions in the industry 



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