Planting your IRA-ready Evidence Garden

Dan Gratie

As spring nears, those with hope for cultivating a blossoming garden are already planning ahead. These individuals are envisioning a garden that not only thrives in the early months of spring, but also promises a bountiful harvest in the future. A lot of planning and preparation goes into selecting the right seeds, supplementing the soil with nutrients, and watering and pruning at just the right frequency to see this garden thrive.

Much like these careful gardeners, pharmaceutical companies looking to make the most of their evidence generation strategy in preparation for an Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) submission need to engage in advanced planning and strategic implementation to prepare their drug portfolio. AESARA has industry veterans that are ready to roll up their sleeves and dig deep to help with comprehensive IRA-ready evidence generation strategies and scenario planning to plant the seeds of success for the future and ensure the fruits of your labor stand out.

Selecting the Right Seeds:

Strategic Implementation of IRA Tactics

When setting out in any new landscape, whether it’s your backyard or an evolving therapeutic area, planning ahead strategically can set you up for success down the line. Implementing IRA-focused evidence generation tactics and policies early in drug development maximizes the chances of having plenty to harvest when the time is right. AESARA is primed and ready to help you put down these roots through:

Structured frameworks to incorporate IRA evidence elements into integrated evidence planning

Education and training sessions for evidence-generation teams

An IRA-focused checklist to optimize the pre-launch phase

Preparing for Harvest:

Comparator Analysis and Value Narrative Testing

Much like a gardener trims and waters on a regular schedule, pharmaceutical companies must consistently monitor and assess how their IRA value narrative is growing. Focused assessments on likely comparators and potential evidence gaps are necessary to pick the best possible fruit when it’s the right time. AESARA’s experts and wide payer network can help pressure-test your eventual harvest through:

Scenario-based comparative effectiveness analysis

An IRA action plan to coordinate and align across the organization

Mock CMS pricing negotiations

In order for your metaphorical garden of evidence to flourish, preparation is key. Nurturing the environment through the implementation of comprehensive IRA evidence generation tactics and assessments ensures that your value narrative is deeply rooted in robust data highlighting populations of interest and comparative effectiveness. The experts at AESARA are ready to provide their green thumb to ensure that the seeds planted today will yield a harvest of impactful evidence tomorrow.

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