Sameera Tak


Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships

Zug, Switzerland

In genoristy and helping others, Be like the river"- Rumi

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Life cycle management
  • Competitor Readiness
  • Tenders and contract management tools and processes
  • Payor value communications
  • Launch Excellence
  • Field Value and Access Excellence
  • Launch Implementation
  • Commercial Operations
  • Project Management
  • Budget/ Operating Plan
  • Clinical Supply Chain Management


Based in the Zug, Switzerland, biotech hub, Sameera has taken on the
Geschäftsführerin or operational board director role, running AESARA
Europe’s newly established Swiss operations.

Sameera brings differentiated breadth of experience as well as depth of expertise to her consulting role as a peer thought partner to the industry clients.

Sameera’s market access experiences ranges from global to regional roles with expertise in payor value communication strategies, European Field Value and access communications, pricing and access strategies, portfolio and brand level competitor readiness, Tender and contracts management
strategies and tactical execution.

With nearly 16 years in the biopharmaceutical industry across market access as well as R&D roles across Global and Regional levels in large and mid- sized biopharma companies gives her a well-rounded insight into strategic and tactical client needs.

Prior to AESARA, Sameera worked within the industry at Biogen International GmbH in Zug, Switzerland and Novartis AG in Basel, Switzerland and Novartis Private Limited in Hyderabad, India

Key achievements

  • Established Global Biosimilar Readiness competitor strategy for a 2bn$ brand, by laying the foundations of pricing and access differentiation strategies and fine-tuned tactical plans up to FY’25 to enable European affiliates to maintain longterm value of the brand in a highly competitive and price eroding market such as Biosimilars.
  • Optimization of price and access for inline products in MS Franchise.
  • Set up of Payor and Field Excellence function at European regional level to provide strategic and operational support to Field value and access personnel.
  • Established various governance and operating structures at Global and Regional levels e.g. Launch Excellence, communications frameworks to facilitate seamless co-ordination between pricing, access and HEOR teams at global, regional and affiliate level.
  • Streamlined financial forecasting processes e.g. Annual operating plans and Long-Range Planning for the EU Region.
  • Developed and implemented an oracle based end to end planning tool to
    optimize supply chain across geographies(US, India and Basel) for 200 FTE’s.


  • MSc. Health Economics, Policy and Management – London School of Economics, London (U.K.)
  • MSc. Clinical Research – Dr. MGR University, Chennai (India)
  • BSc. Microbiology, Mumbai University (India)

My letter

Lambda as a symbol has various uses in the field of science and technology. It is used in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and even cosmology to illustrate different ideas and concepts. The versatility of this symbol resonates with my philosophy in life, to put it simply, I am continuously striving to learn something new, innovate and constantly finding ways to share these experiences widely. This philosophy seamlessly blends at AESARA where we bring our innovative mindset coupled with multi-faceted versatile experiences to provide well-rounded insights into all our services to our clients.

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