Tina Jacobs


North Fort Myers, FL

Love cannot remain by itself it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action and that action is service."- Mother Teresa

Areas of Expertise

  • MCSA
  • Cloud Platform
  • Cloud Security
  • Information Technology Administrator
  • IT and Data Cloud Management 
  • Deployment Lead Implementation Management


Tina is a 20+ year technology executive who specializes in harmonizing IT processes, people, and technology.

Prior to joining AESARA, Tina was an IT Manager for a large Emergency Physician group where she specialized in Cloud systems and IT Management.

Tina holds a BS in Computer Science from Virginia Commonwealth University and numerous Microsoft and Google certifications thru InfoTec School of Technology.

Key achievements

  • Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Specialist
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer
  • Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Administrator
  • Google Super Admin and Cloud Administrator


  • Computer Science from Virginia Commonwealth University 

My letter

Tau is the 19th letter in the Greek alphabet. Tau stands for the all-pervasive God and Its 3 attributes of strength, wisdom, and harmony. In the world of technology and systems Tau symbolizes the strength of a strong IT foundation, the wisdom of knowing the best technology, and harmony to ensure everything works together as One System.


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