Biopharma DNA We’ve walked in your shoes and share your value and purpose

Our leadership team has held industry-based executive positions within HEOR/MA from small biotech to large pharmaceutical companies.

Our accumulated experience enables us to provide actionable insights and deliver results that align with your strategies.

Our clients work with us because we provide end to end solutions, because we deliver quality and because we understand.

Our Core Values

We listen to our clients’ needs
We infuse expertise and confidence and challenge our clients to create a solution​
We deliver impactful solutions in a transformative way

Meet Our Team

Our Philosophy We take our name from Aesara, one of the few women Roman-Greek philosopher of the Pythagorean era. Aesara postulated that there are three parts to the soul – intellect, spirit, and desire. We believe with the gift of intellect, comes the responsibility to drive social change. To create change, we must have a strong spirit and desire to make a difference. At AESARA, we are committed to delivering an impactful difference for our clients which will, in turn, help fuel the AESARA foundation.