Cindy Toso


Director, Evidence Institute

Durham, NC

Nu, the thirteenth letter of the Greek alphabet, represents the degree of freedom in statistics. As a communicator, I am inspired by the freedom to think creatively and maintain a mindset that embraces innovation.


Cindy is a Director within the Evidence Institute. Cindy is a medical communications professional with over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry as both an in-house medical information professional and independent consultant.

Cindy has expertise in developing evidence-based scientific communications for healthcare professionals, payers, and health systems. Throughout her career, Cindy helped to execute multiple product launches and has a strong background in Medical Legal Regulatory review. Cindy has proven agility across several therapeutic areas, including extensive experience in oncology.

Prior to AESARA, Cindy was part of the Medical Information Oncology team at Janssen where she led the development of materials used to convey the value of products such as AMCP dossiers, provided strategic support for engagement with compendia and clinical pathway developers, and played a leading role in interactions with ICER. She was also previously an independent consultant who provided medical communications services for a variety of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Cindy completed her BS in Pharmacy from the University of Pittsburgh and Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. She also completed a post-doctorate drug information residency at Glaxo/UNC.

Key Accomplishments

Cindy played a pivotal role in several oncology product launches across multiple solid tumor and hematological malignancies, including a top 5 pharma’s first launch of a targeted product with a companion diagnostic. She also shaped the creation and execution of policies and procedures related to proactive engagement with compendia, clinical pathway developers, and medical societies to ensure communication of timely and scientifically sound product information.


Areas of Expertise

  • Medical information
  • AMCP dossiers
  • Clinical compendia
  • Clinical pathway developers
  • Product launches
  • Promotional review/Medical Legal Regulatory review
  • Medical communications
  • Sales training support


  • Drug Information Specialty Residency – Glaxo Research Institute/University of North Carolina
    Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

  • Doctor of Pharmacy – The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • BS, Pharmacy – University of Pittsburgh