Karen Sandman


Executive Director, Evidence Institute

Boston, MA

The uppercase upsilon, also known as the Pythagorean letter, resembles a Y. To Pythagoras, upsilon symbolized the way in which we all reach junctures where we must choose between the divergent paths of virtue and vice. Every project involves a series of key junctures, and my approach is to anticipate critical decision points and to work with client teams to identify the path towards which the project objectives and emerging evidence are leading us.


Karen is an Executive Director in AESARA’s Evidence Institute, with a focus on supporting clients in their efforts to develop and articulate the strongest evidence base to support a product’s value proposition. Karen has over 20 years of experience in the biopharma consulting space, with recent roles building and leading value communication teams for two global HEOR/market access consultancies. She specializes in evidence planning, value propositions, global value dossiers, AMCP dossiers and HTA submissions, targeted literature reviews, HEOR publications, payer communication tools, and HEOR training.

Key Accomplishments

Karen established the US Payer Communications team for a large HEOR consultancy, eventually leading a 40-person global Payer Communications team working with a range of biopharma clients across all therapeutic areas. She then built a Value Communications team for a boutique HEOR consulting firm, with responsibility for value propositions, dossiers, targeted literature reviews, and publication planning and writing support for dissemination of health economic research. Karen has facilitated dozens of evidence planning and value proposition workshops and has directed the development of over 100 value dossiers.

Key Publications

  • Forsythe A, Sandman K. What Does the Economic Burden of Acute Myeloid Leukemia Treatment Look Like for the Next Decade? An Analysis of Key Findings, Challenges and Recommendations. J Blood Med. 2021;12:245-255.

  • Grabner M, Strati E, Sandman K, Forsythe A. Economic burden of acute steroid-refractory graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) in commercially insured pediatric patients. JMCP May 2021.

  • Sandman K and Bell T. Patient-focused benefits of at-home vs in-clinic administration of cancer therapy. ISPOR May 2020.

  • Sandman KE and Bell TJ. Patient-Focused Benefits of at-Home Versus in-Clinic Administration of Cancer Therapy: New Considerations for the COVID-19 Era. ASH November 2020.

  • Grabner M, Strati E, Sandman K, Forsythe A. Economic burden of acute steroid-refractory graft versus host disease in commercially insured pediatric patients. AMCP Annual Meeting, April 2020 and AMCP Nexus, October 2020.

  • Ramjee, L, Tremblay G, Forsythe A, Sandman K. Saving Lives or the Environment – How about Both? The Role of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Bodies in Creating Sustainable Healthcare Systems. ISPOR May 2021.

  • Fosythe A, Pick C, Sandman K. The Humanistic and Economic Costs of Conversion Therapy: A Systematic Literature Review. ISPOR May 2021.

  • Sandman K, Cooperson Vieweg D, Forsythe A. Economic Evaluations of Digital Therapeutics (DTX) from a US Perspective. ISPOR May 2021.

  • Vurgun N, Whiting CG, Sandman K. Caregiver-Reported Outcomes in Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias: A Survey of Interventional Clinical Trials of Pharmacologic Therapies. ISPOR May 2021.

  • Vurgun N, Hubscher E, Sandman K. Time to Care: The Importance of Caregiver Voice in Healthcare, Drug Development, and Value Assessment. Value & Outcomes Spotlight. 2021: 7 (4).


Areas of Expertise

  • Evidence planning
  • Value propositions including workshops and value decks
  • Global value dossiers, AMCP dossiers, HTA submissions
  • Targeted literature reviews
  • HEOR publication planning and development of manuscripts and posters
  • HEOR training for outcomes liaisons and other biopharma professionals


  • PhD, Biological Chemistry, MIT

  • AB with High Honors in Chemistry, Princeton University