AESARA/University of North Carolina Health Outcomes & Market Access Fellowship

This two-year fellowship is sponsored in collaboration with the University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy and is part of the DPOP/PACE fellowship program.

The AESARA/University of North Carolina Health Outcomes & Market Access Fellowship offers PharmD graduates the opportunity to understand market access, informatics and communication of evidence to population decision makers to prepare the fellow for a successful market access career in consulting, academia, or biopharmaceutical industry. The fellow will work directly with Eshelman School of Pharmacy faculty and AESARA personnel.

Program Description

In this 2-year PharmD Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Fellows gain a strong command of health outcomes and market access skills, informatics, and communication of evidence to decision makers. The fellowship prepares fellows for a successful career in consulting, academics, or the biopharmaceutical industry. Fellows work directly with mentors in the Eshelman School of Pharmacy and AESARA. 

This fellowship will start on July 1st, 2024. There will be two positions available. 

Year 1 

  • Fellows spend 50% of their time with the Divisions of Practice Advancement and Clinical Education (PACE) and Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy (DPOP) faculty at UNC. 
  • During the other 50% of time, fellows work directly AESARA staff and gain hands-on experience in Health Outcomes & Market Access consulting working with a wide array of pharmaceutical clients and therapeutic areas.
  • Fellows gain a deep understanding in health outcomes methodologies and informatics to answer research questions.

Year 2 

  • During the second year of the program, fellows will spend the majority (80%) of time working with AESARA staff, with increased responsibility and an emphasis on client interaction and project management. 
  • Fellows will continue interactions with UNC faculty and complete any ongoing projects. 

The fellows will have the opportunity to take graduate level coursework and pursue a professional Master of Science degree in Biomedical and Health Informatics. This online UNC program adds the flexibility of pursing a master’s degree while taking part in a full-time fellowship program.

To Apply

Initial interviews will be scheduled with candidates directly.
Full application materials include: a CV, personal statement, unofficial transcript, and three letters of recommendation. Applications can be sent to Stacey McGlothlin at [email protected]. Letter writers can submit letters directly to Stacey McGlothlin at [email protected].

Applications will be processed on a rolling basis and are due no later than October 22, 2023. Early submissions are encouraged.


AESARA is a cutting-edge market access consulting firm that specializes in creating dynamic solutions for the Life Science industry by integrating technology with strategic consulting for impactful results. We provide actionable insights and deliver results that align with HEOR/MA strategies for small biotech to large pharmaceutical companies. AESARA contains three working groups (strategic consulting, evidence institute, and digital solutions) where the fellows will have opportunities to be mentored and see first-hand the impact that creative solutions in HEOR and MA can have on industry clients.

Contact for Program Information

AESARA Contacts

Richard H. Stanford, PharmD, MS

VP, Strategic Partnerships
[email protected]

Dan Gratie, PharmD, MS

Director, Value Evidence
[email protected]

UNC Contacts

Sachiko Ozawa, PhD, MHS

Associate Professor-PACE
[email protected]

Amanda Seyerle, PhD, MSPH

Assistant Professor-DPOP
[email protected]

Our 2nd Year Fellows

Ashik Jayakumar

University of Illinois Chicago College of Pharmacy

Denise Garner

University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Pharmacy

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