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Communication Dossiers

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A large pharmaceutical company with an oncology asset needed to expand a previously developed dossier and dossier deck materials, which serve as comprehensive documents on the clinical and economic value of their asset.

The expansion was necessary to accommodate the addition of a new indication, guideline changes recommending earlier line of therapy in another tumor type, as well as recently published information following major cancer conferences. Updates were necessary for the global, AMCP, and key EU countries.


  • The previously produced dossier was leveraged to build content for a new indication, ensuring that the available information for other tumor types fits seamlessly with the updated material

  • The dossier was reviewed alongside current guidelines specific to each region/country, and the previously produced content had been updated to match the current interpretation of the guidance

  • Additionally, material published at ASCO/ESMO had been reviewed to incorporate the most up-to-date information into the dossier. Local data when available and relevant was also included

  • The updated global and local dossiers also considered the current treatment landscape and any unmet medical needs for the new indication

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  • Dossiers and dossier decks were developed and approved in a timely manner, ensuring that healthcare providers and managed care organizations have access to the most up-to-date information with respect to the asset, clinical guidelines, treatment landscape, and published literature allowing for informed decision-making about patient care and reimbursement

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