Case study

Health Economics Function Brand & Positioning

Using multi-channel communications to help a global HE group collaborate across a Top 10 Pharma


The global health economics group at a top-10 Pharma was re-constituted in a post-merger setting, bringing together a new mix of capabilities, processes and portfolio responsibilities. The newly appointed group head recognized the need to communicate the change to senior execs, partner functions and markets.


An AESARA multi-disciplinary team of Strategy Consultants, HE specialists and creative communicators

  • Workshopped with the group head her team’s new brand, value proposition and key messaging
  • Constructed a multi-channel communications program, targeting the full breadth of internal audiences
  • Designed, iterated and rolled out powerful and creative multi-media communications including:
    • ‘Meet the HE Team’ animated video
    • ‘HTA in Rare Diseases’ educational podcast
    • HE explainer bespoke game
    • Digital newsletter
    • Process infographics

Management Consulting

  • Internal communications
  • Region
  • Client
    Global Head of Health Economics


  • The global health economics group established a new profile as a key partner across the drug lifecycle
  • Collaboration was stimulated and improved with partner functions and markets
  • The company was re-tuned for awareness of value and access needs, techniques and benefits, upgrading the company’s ability to get products reimbursed around the world

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