Case study

Integrated Evidence Generation Planning

Credible, Relevant, Impactful & Timely Evidence


A large pharmaceutical company was coordinating with an alliance partner to prepare for label expansion in a class-leading oncology drug in a crowded marketspace.

The client needed support in developing an aligned value proposition and evidence generation strategy to address stakeholders needs and potential gaps from RCT data and increasing competitor presence 


  • Interviews with key stakeholders across the alliance to understand priorities and data gaps

  • Targeted literature review to identify data generated by potential competitors

  • Cross functional workshop to:
    • Level-set across commercial and medical functions to align on evidence gaps and business threats
    • Link brand strategy with value messages and evidence strategy plans across the alliance
  • A second cross functional workshop to:
    • Brainstorm and prioritize evidence generation tactics for dissemination to patients, providers and payers
    • Allocate clear roles and responsibilities

Value & Access Consulting

  • Enabling Activity
    Integrated Evidence Generation Planning
  • Region
  • Client


  • Cross-functional alignment on value strategy, prioritized value messages and evidence generation plans with clear defined roles and responsibilities within the organization

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