Case study

KPI Design

Finding the measures that matter for a clinical-stage biotech


The Commercial Strategy head at an exciting clinical-stage biotech needed a focused dashboard to enable data-driven decision-making for the commercialization of multiple products in late development, including the company’s first ever launch.


  • AESARA management consultants used the balanced scorecard framework, with a proven process for KPI design and selection to define a bespoke KPI set
  • AESARA engaged the Commercial Strategy Head, her LT peers including CCO and head of Value and Access, and her Commercial Strategy team as participants in the Scorecard and KPI design process
  • Starting from corporate strategy and functional purpose, we helped the client articulate strategic objectives, break those down into concrete success factors and then develop, prioritize and define ways of measuring achievement of those success factors

Management Consulting

  • Enabling Activity
    KPI design
  • Region
  • Client
    Head of Global Commercial Strategy


  • AESARA delivered a bespoke balanced scorecard, with fewer than 12 KPIs across four dimensions, directly linked to company strategy
  • Active engagement of client team, peers and senior executives built buy-in to the scorecard
  • Executive decisions to manage performance in product commercialization and operational efficiency are now enabled through timely provision of well-understood data across a mixture of leading and lagging indicators

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