Case study

Value-based Pricing

Wrap arounds for value-based pricing models


A large pharmaceutical company mandated inclusion of VBP economic models to support pricing for all its oncology launches.

To inform VBP at launch, economic models needed to be finalized and customized in real-time along with scenario analyses several months before the product launched.

As this was the client’s first foray into a particular tumor space, this required primary data collection to understand patient journey, epidemiology, stakeholder landscape, unmet needs, and the competitive environment.


  • Developed VBP economic models with capability to run multiple scenarios and identify key price drivers

  • Worked closely with Market Access leadership to integrate model recommendation into pricing research

  • Reconciled model results along with integrated pricing recommendations and presented to company’s CEO and leadership team

  • Engaged Public Relations and Communication teams for proactive and reactive narratives around launch price

Value & Access Consulting

  • Enabling Activity
    Value-Based Pricing
  • Region
    United States
  • Client
    US Market Access


  • Successful development of multiple VBP economic models along with recommendation which played a substantial role in setting the value-based price of oncolytics across solid and hematologic malignancies/conditions

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