Case study

Value Communication Tools

Powerful Scientific Story-Telling


A top-10 global biopharma company was seeking a more impactful and concise way to communicate the value of their product in terms of safety, efficacy and economic advantages across two separate disease indications.


The key activities to provide guidance on the optimal access strategy were

  • Reviewed and synthesized 20+ poster and conference presentations, 400+ slides and study reports into a concise interactive PDF of 30 value message narrative content screens

  • Developed a story board with linear & nonlinear paths through the data that highlights value while allowing for powerful and dynamic storytelling

  • Programmed PDF specifically to be viewed or presented on a computer, tablet, phone, or print

Traditonal Tables


Value & Access Consulting

  • Solutions
    Interactive PDF Value Deck
  • Region
  • Client
    Branding Team


  • Narrative was based on the value messages for product and disease impact from a payer perspective with appropriate source documentation

  • Generated a digital, visually appealing, nimble tool to improve field communications with payers

  • Content was easily accessible to facilitate understanding and provided dynamic discussions with payers

  • Leveraged investment in mobile technology

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