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Virtual Ad Board

Actionable payer, physician, & patient insights to optimize access strategy


A top-10 global pharma with an innovative cell therapy pipeline needed to be able to target specific healthcare systems and understand how to demonstrate value and solve the pricing challenge for these innovative treatments.

AESARA was tasked to run an advisory board with experts from health policy, providers, patient advocates, and payers. The advisory board needed to be conducted in the online setting.


  • AESARA worked with the client’s global market access and policy team to develop content and execute a payer advisory board aimed at informing and providing insights to how the client might meet these unique challenges in cell therapy
  • Leveraging our excellent global network of payer and policy-maker, AESARA curated a targeted panel of experts unique to the client’s need
  • Leveraging extensive industry experience, our expert strategy consultants led the development of advisory board objectives, agenda, questions, and presentation content, with a focus on maximizing the value gained from time interacting with the external experts
  • Additionally, as a digital-forward market access agency, we deployed best-in-class digital creativity with a personalized approach to optimize the client and expert experience for an ad board in the online setting

Value & Access Consulting

  • Enabling Activity
    Payer research and ad boards
  • Region
  • Client
    Market Access Team


The expert insights gained from the advisory board on cell therapy pricing, access and policy challenges helped:

  • Inform recommendations for pivotal study design
  • Shape go-to-market strategies, proactive CMS coding strategies, ICER engagement, and early payer engagement plan
  • Identify practical hurdles and possible solutions in establishing the value and price connection for achieving next generation cell therapy value, price, and access goals

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