A Market Access/HEOR Education Suite

One-stop hub for the most relevant training for Biopharma professionals.

Access to medicine is now everyone’s business in Biopharma…  With the increase importance of access, it is critical to have high levels of Market Access (MA) and Health Economics Outcomes Research (HEOR) understanding across the various disciplines within Biopharma. Understanding the complexities of health care Market Access related landscape, reimbursement policies and HEOR methodologies will enable the organization to drive and actualize Market Access access objectives.

The Power of LearningChiron Suite can increase the Market Access/HEOR understanding within Biopharma


Deep Dive of FDA Payer Guidance

Deep Dive of AMCP 4.1 Format

Development and Roll-out of Internal Operational Processes for Payer Communications

ICER Readiness

Customized Training 

Adapt Off-the-shelf Offerings

Develop Bespoke MA/HEOR Modules

Why Chiron?

Companies and teams with high levels of Market Access/HEOR understanding are well positioned to drive and actualize access objectives

FDA Payer Guidance

Deep Dive Overview Workshop

In a workshop setting, clients learn the fundamentals of the FDA Payer Guidance and how to achieve the highest return on generated Health Care Economic Information (HCEI) used to support formulary and reimbursement decisions with Payers.

What can the power of Chiron do for you?

Chiron will enable you to elevate the understanding of MA/HEOR.  With AESARA’s depth and breadth of industry experience and consulting vantage point, we are uniquely positioned to provide relevant workshops and training programs.

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