“Once upon a time”

For centuries has had the power to transport us to another place and time

Powerful story-telling is the best route to achieve patient access.DeltaShift amplifies messages and inspires audiences to act; facilitating timely, effective decision-making


The evidence dossier that payers and local affiliates actually want to read and use.

Horizon is designed to communicate content that integrates interactivity and multimedia capabilities to facilitate powerful scientific storytelling for all markets.


Creates the big picture perspective from a copious amount of complex content and data.

Powered by insights and robust evidence combined with engaging bespoke illustrations and data visualizations. Panorama is easily disseminated and more importantly, remembered.


Transforms evidence into powerful presentations that persuades and inspires people to act.

Deliver a curated story with built-in functionality and customized visuals that lets each presentation adapt to meet the needs of the audience.


Videos and podasts that amplify your team's most important messages.

Video does it all. Video content engages us and ignites emotions. One of the most powerful communication tools. 


Initiate and advance communications with your stakeholders.

Update stakeholders with periodic newsletters to update on key objectives and business activities or educate customers on a complex topic in a series of snippets and infographics.  

It is time for a brand new chapter.

Payers are demanding communication to be transparent, relatable, succinct and easily accessible for decision-making.

AESARA has the vision to DeltaShift your scientific evidence into a meaningful story for audiences, digitally.

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