Digital Grant


AESARA Digital is seeking to partner with a university computer science department to engage an expert faculty member as it develops innovative digital solutions for the biopharmaceutical market access, value, and health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) space.


AESARA is the digital‐forward market access agency. We have decades of global biopharmaceutical development experience combined with a deep understanding of the complex and changing global healthcare landscape. We have been operating since 2016 globally.


For AESARA to continue providing disruptive consulting we need to be able to innovate and to apply digital solutions to the market access biopharmaceutical space.

It is our intention to form partnerships with industry and technology leaders to help us foster innovative digital strategies and improve HEOR through advanced data science techniques.

TypeField Grant ‐ to be conducted with AESARA, Inc
SubjectValue / evidence digital solutions in biopharmaceutical space
Length of grant1 year
TimeframeJanuary to December 2021
RenewalDetermined annually
Scope½ time faculty-member
AmountMaximum $75,000


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