Case study

European Sequencing Strategy

Using price and reimbursement insights to strategically sequence launch indications


A US-headquartered specialty biotech acquired an innovative oncology asset with multiple indications of interest

While European regulatory processes had been initiated by the asset’s previous owner, our client wanted to identify the optimum launch sequence and change course if necessary


With HTA, price, access and reimbursement all distinct in Europe from the US – and pivotal to commercial projections – AESARA  deployed industry veteran market access consultants with direct experience of product launch to:

  • Assess the European HTA, price & reimbursement landscape in three indications
  • Identify the potential sequencing options and filter to those feasible from a regulatory perspective
  • Project the price and reimbursement implications of each scenario
  • Provide client C-suite executives with digestible, well-presented decision-support information including value-based commercial projections

Market Access Consulting

  • Enabling Activity
    Training development & delivery
  • Region
  • Client
    Global Head of HEOR


  • A strategic launch sequencing decision was made, optimising patient benefit and commercial return
  • Qualitative risks, including to corporate reputation and relationships with European authorities, were given due weight in the decision process, alongside robust quantitative analysis
  • Multi-million dollar investments in European product launch and global evidence generation were adjusted and endorsed, with confidence in their fit to strategic aims

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