AESARA Foundation

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Supporting disaster relief and resiliency efforts to those affected AESARA Foundation focuses on finding solutions to problems for the betterment of people and communities affected by disasters with a responsibility to drive social change.

Hurricane Irma & Maria Deploying AESARA Foundation into action

We contributed to a collective funding effort across multiple agencies, coordinated through the Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico under the leadership of Dr. Nelson Colón. Together, we helped raise $100,000 in relief and partnered with AEROBridge, which helps match aircraft with emergency response teams and critical supplies to provide disaster assistance and help save lives. With full funding going toward the goods provided to Puerto Rico, we were able to send 112 tons of generators, medicines, water and food, including 250,000 children’s meals.

Focus on Loíza Puerto Rico Recovery assistance through AESARA Foundation

2018 was a big year for the AESARA Foundation, as we set forth on an incredible journey to ‘do good’ alongside our extraordinary partners in Loíza, Puerto Rico. Our efforts culminated on September 21-25 when, with 25 excited volunteers in tow, we had the honor and privilege to make the trip to Loíza to lend our support to the community.

During our time in September 2018, we had the opportunity to assist with the:

  • Repainting of 2 homes;
  • Tiling of 1 home;
  • Installation of 1 roof;
  • Re-painting of the Urgency Care Centre;
  • Creation of original artwork by the children of Loíza

In addition, a very humble and warm thank-you to Mary Ann Cotter and the Cotter Charitable Foundation along with the Hurricane Irma & Maria Response and Recovery Fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation for their generous donations. Each has granted $20,000 to fund and fuel the efforts of the AESARA Foundation in Loíza, Puerto Rico.

Resilient Puerto Rico Promoting self-sufficiency, sustainability and economic development

2019 is off to a flying start with satisfying our mission of creating a resilient and self-sufficient Loíza, Puerto Rico. One of the gaps uncovered by the hurricanes was the inability to treat injured members of community.

AESARA Foundation assisted with a successful application to Brother’s Brother Foundation for the donation of medical resources which has now been delivered, to help the Loíza Urgent Care Centre towards being upgraded to an Emergent Care Centre. The Municipality of Loíza received the shipment on May 2019. This upgrade will further increase the healthcare resiliency of the community.

In addition, the remarkable team at the Loíza Dark Chocolate Factory have now brought their products back to the local community of Loíza for the first time. Loíza Dark will now be featured and made available for sale to visitors at the cave alongside the unique products created by local artisans further fueling the economic resiliency of Loíza.

Finally, the Dominos P.R. team, are investigating the establishment of Loiza’s own Dominos branch. These conversations are continuing to evolve, and we all look forward to a future grand opening!

Sun Mirrors for Loíza Solar Energy for Emergency Shelter: Loiza, Puerto Rico

Following hurricanes Irma and Maria, Loíza’s 29,000 residents became isolated on an island within an island, cut-off from the rest of Puerto Rico and delaying response time for much needed supplies and electricity. 
At that time, there was no designated shelter forcing the thousands of displaced residents to improvise housing.

We were fundraising for 84 solar panels and we exceeded our goal and secured 110 panels. 

The Power is required for critical medical equipment to operate such as: ventilators, dialysis machines, oxygen concentration, medical refrigerators, and communication equipment for evacuation.

Future Preparedness Investing in infrastructure to prepare the community for the next one

One of the major issues with Hurricane Irma and Maria was the inability to access and move members of the elderly community to a safe haven.

Elderly are especially vulnerable during disaster events with reduced mobility and increased health care needs such as diabetes care, oxygen, or dialysis.

Currently, resources are scarce to ensure continued support during times of flooding, power outages or other extreme conditions

Loíza remains dependent on external sources for evacuation and support, which may be delayed or insufficient.

In association with the Loíza Municipality, the AESARA Foundation is committed to finding solutions to help shelter and provide necessary healthcare to the elderly.

With the aim to increase self-sufficiency, funding will go toward necessary research and planning for the development of a vertical evacuation safehouse to serve the community in such times of need.