AESARA is committed to becoming the ideal training environment for young professionals by providing a rigorous and diverse learning experience

AESARA has designed two programs with the ultimate goal of providing young professionals with a foundational experience in HEOR and Market Access

AESARA Scholar Program

AESARA Intern Program

"I joined the AESARA/UNC fellowship based off two things: the people and the diverse learning experience. From the beginning of the fellowship everyone at both AESARA and UNC have taken a large interest in ensuring the fellowship is not only preparing me for a career in HEOR / market access but also ensuring I am getting exposure to things that interest me. I have developed great relationships throughout the program and believe this was the perfect fellowship to start my career in HEOR."
- Anthony Hudzik
"I was drawn to AESARA Europe because of their unique role in helping US biotech and pharma companies enter the European market.

It’s mind-boggling to me that a company that operates remotely can deliver solutions to clients at such high quality. This is testament to AESARA’s interest in its employees (interns included). I felt welcomed at AESARA by folks on my immediate team and even those who live and work in the USA.

Though AESARA routinely works remotely, we met in person at the very beginning of my internship. I found this incredibly useful. Time was made to teach key principles, explain complex industry processes and answer questions on any concept. Suddenly, a field that was opaque became transparent and there was infrastructure to ensure that every week I was exposed to new knowledge in a scholar session, while my supervisors met regularly with me as well. The guidance was just phenomenal....
Pablo Wickham

Scholarship & Internship Reflections


AESARA/University of North Carolina Health Outcomes & Market Access Fellowship for 2024 is now open!

AESARA PAIDEIA Scholar A two-year fellowship program focused on gaining real-world Market Access and HEOR experience, bolstered by a formal academic program, specifically tailored to the scholar’s interests and experiences

AESARA Visiting Scientist One-year development program aimed to build upon previous academic and real-world experiences in a fast-paced, client-focused professional development environment

Scholar CLASS


Graduate Intern
For recent pre-doctoral graduates looking to gain exposure and experiences in HEOR and MA

Student Intern
For current graduate students looking to gain exposure to HEOR and MA during their coursework or over a summer term

DDX Intern
For recent graduates or current students of BA and MA programs looking to gain experience in Design and Digital for life sciences

Intern CLASS

It could be your cup of tea, cheers!

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