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AESARAdevelops thoughtful solutions that power transformative market access anchored to deep therapy area expertise and payer insights

Market Access & HEOR Consulting​

Helping you optimize patient access and reimbursement through evidence-based and innovative strategic thinking

Comprehensive Patient Perspective

We collect patient experience data (PED) and support endpoint selection and development to demonstrate disease burden and treatment benefit.

Market access and Value strategy​

We support you in developing an optimal launch and life cycle management to fully capture the value of your innovative products.

Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

We offer strategic planning and execution all the way to country-level HTA submissions and post-submission engagement and negotiations.

Value-based pricing

We develop value frameworks and build models to substantiate economically justifiable price supported with insights from payers globally.

Management consulting


Vision, Strategy, and Impact​

Your purpose defines what you do, and your potential for impact within and beyond your team. We help you articulate and develop your organizational vision and strategy, and embed them across the organization. 

And because developing your vision and strategy is only half the battle, we help you demonstrate your team’s contributions to the broader organization, using fit-for-purpose quantitative and qualitative impact measures.


Technology, Tools, and Measurement

End-to-end organizational excellence requires that the right technologies and tools exist to accelerate your team’s results and achieve efficiencies.

We help our clients ensure they have the right enablers in place to unlock potential and drive ongoing success. And since what gets measured, gets managed, we work with you to develop metrics that demonstrate your team’s performance and impact. ​


Talent, Culture, and Behaviours

The best plans are only as successful as the team delivering on them.

We work with you to support your most critical resource – your people – to upskill, maximize effectiveness, and drive lasting change in team performance and health.​


Structure, Processes, and Roles

Team success is driven not just by individual attributes, but by the governance structures and processes around them.

We help you develop and reshape your organizational structure, embed new processes to change ways of working, and clarify roles and responsibilities in a way that increases team productivity and morale.​

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