AESARADevelops thoughtful solutions that power transformative Value & Access strategies anchored to deep therapy area expertise and payer insights

Delivering Value & Access solutions for Market Access, Pricing, HEOR and Medical Affairs organizations.

Access Strategies

Helping you optimize patient access and reimbursement through evidence-based and innovative strategic thinking

Value & Access Strategy​

Development of optimal launch and life cycle management strategy to fully capture product value

Payer Research & Advisory Boards

Develop understanding of payer needs and requirements, health technology management strategies, and market dynamics and trends​​

Value Proposition

Development of tailored value story, key messages, and compelling arguments aligned with clinical, economic, and humanistic evidence to communicate product value to all stakeholders​​

Value Communication Tools

Development of customer-facing materials with clear communication of value proposition and key messages to demonstrate product value​​

Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Readiness

Preparation of supporting counter-offer and simulation of potential mock payer/CMS negotiation workshops; assessment of evidence generation strategy and execution across portfolio​

PDAB Policy Solutions & Engagement

Providing comprehensive support through policy scanning, educational resource creation, and evidence-based communication for PDAB engagement, tailored to your needs

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Submissions

Development of submission strategies that highlight product value through clear and compelling evidence to ensure optimal access and reimbursement​​

Endpoint Strategy

Selection of outcomes for studies across the product lifecycle (phases I to IV) to ensure optimal access, reimbursement, and adoption​​

Value-based Agreements

Development of optimal and customized pricing and contracting strategies to create access and demonstrate real-world value

Time & Materials (T&M) Support & Staff Extenders

On-demand expert support from AESARA available at a moment’s notice​

Value Strategies

Ensuring you have the best in class value demonstration strategies and dissemination plan

Integrated Evidence Generation Planning (IEGP)

Development of multi-stakeholder- and geography-aligned evidence generation strategy to ensure ongoing demonstration of product value across the product lifecycle

Comprehensive Patient Perspective

Development of access and value strategies that integrate the patient voice and directly address patient needs​​

Literature Reviews

Summarize and synthesize published and ‘grey’ literature to create evidence base for product value​​

Global Value and Evidence Dossiers

Development of dossiers that contain payer-relevant evidence to ensure optimal access and reimbursement

Economic Modeling

Develop models to demonstrate cost-effectiveness, budget impact, and economically justifiable prices​​

Real-World Evidence (RWE) Strategy & Study Design

Development of data-driven approaches for generation of high-quality and impactful RWE across the product lifecycle​​

Evidence Gap Analyses

Demonstrate limitations in current evidence generation plans and provide recommendations aligned with stakeholder needs​​

Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA) Strategy

Selection of patient-reported outcome (PRO), clinician-reported outcome (ClinRO), observer-reported outcome (ObsRO), and performance outcome (PerfO) measures for use in clinical and real-world studies​

Management Consulting

Unlocking your full organizational potential

Education & Training

Bespoke facilitated training programs with interactive training modules​​

Purpose: Vision, Strategy, & Impact

Development of high-performing leadership and teams with clear organizational and individual purpose

People: Talent, Culture, and Behaviors

Enhancement of your organization’s on-the-job effectiveness and people development

Enablers: Technology, Tools, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), & Measurement

Identification and development of measures that matter for life sciences companies at all stages of the product lifecycle​

Organization: Structure, Processes, & Roles

Design of value and access organizations (e.g., vision, mission, structure, resourcing) at both global and regional levels​​

Internal Communications

Facilitation and enhancement of cross-functional collaboration, communication (e.g., department/TA/functional newsletters to elevate impact of work), and consensus​

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