August 2023

AESARA AI Position Statement

AESARA works to deliver for our biopharma clients in pursuit of a positive impact on healthcare decision-making, while staying true to our core values: Trusted, Bold and Transformative. To remain true to our values in the new era of generative artificial intelligence (AI), we have decided to make a transparent commitment on how AESARA will use generative AI.

Large language models and other generative AI tools have demonstrated the ability to produce useful analysis and reporting of data and text, as well as to generate powerful and persuasive imagery. The promise of efficiency, as well as the potential for novel hypothesis generation, are well-attested and attractive. Nevertheless, such models and tools have also been shown to invent citations, to “hallucinate” findings and to perpetuate bias. A responsible user of generative AI must take care to safeguard our people, our clients and the patients we serve.

Therefore, AESARA makes the following commitments in line with our core values:


  1. We will not enter client, employee or patient data into AI models or tools, whether proprietary or open source, without an explicit informed consent
  2. We will clearly mark any AESARA output which has been produced using generative AI, explaining how it was generated and identifying possible unreliability or bias
  3. We will ensure that every AESARA output will be produced with a human in the loop, checking for accuracy, bias and suitability


  1. We will design and use our AI tools to promote fairness and avoid unjust impacts on people, especially in relation to characteristics such as race, gender, age etc1
  2. We will empower ourselves and our people to say “no” to the use of AI where we identify it is harmful or even merely unhelpful


  1. We will educate and train our employees about responsible AI practices, ensuring all staff involved in the development and use of AI follow this position statement1
  2. We will explore the positive uses of AI, across our strategy, communications and digital pillars, for the benefit of our clients and the patients they serve
  3. Our strategic thinking, analysis and advice will continue to be developed, refined and communicated by humans who are experts in their fields.

As a forward-looking and strategic agency, serving a naturally innovative industry, we are as excited as anyone by the potential of generative AI to further the cause of human health. Equally, we know that we need to thoughtfully balance benefit and risk – and value. AESARA makes this commitment to you that our purpose and core values remain firm.

[1] This point was AI generated, then reviewed, refined and approved by AESARA’s global leadership team

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