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The impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on Healthcare & Pharma

Change Before Change Podcast

On today's episode we will be discussing the inflation reduction act with Dr. Chad Patel (Head of US Strategic Partnerships) and Dr. Phoenix Riley (Visiting Scientist).

Fadi Manuel

Time Stamps:
01:34 - 04:11 Impact of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) on the healthcare industry

04:29 - 8:06 Medicare criteria for drug price negotiations

08:22 - 11:26 Impact of IRA on the pharmaceutical industry

11:37 - 13:33 Potential consequences of IRA on research initiatives

13:49 - 16:49 Drug price reforms in Europe

17:05 - 18:27 Pharma's response to the IRA

18:41 - 20:37 Potential strategies in response to the IRA

Chad Patel
Phoenix Riley

Integrated Evidence Generation Planning I Gavin Outteridge

Change Before Change Podcast

In our inaugural episode we are discussing integrated evidence generation planning (IEGP) in the pharmaceutical industry featuring our AESARA Europe Managing Director, Gavin Outteridge.

Fadi Manuel

Time Stamps:
1:13 - 7:16 Defining IEGP and its Benefits

7:24 - 11:00 Shortcomings in the current evidence generation approach

11:13 - 14:45 Impact on patient outcomes

15:04 - 20:29 Challenges to the IEGP process

20:43 - 23:35 Use of technology to improve process & closing comments

Developing an integrated strategy for evidence generation (